Updated: Exchange 2007 audit script (Version 2)

I have finally been able to complete the updates to my Exchange 2007 audit script. The script has some enhancements which includes suggestions and comments from some readers.

The new script includes a few checks against CAS servers, which I feel have been neglected in the past. These checks include test-owaconnectivity and test-activesyncconnectivity. These two commands need some additional work to enable. To test if these command will work, you can run both test-owaconnectivity and test-activesyncconnectivity with the –ClientAccessServer switch. Additional information will be available in the console if the commands are unable to run.

I have been meaning to update the HTML format, as designed and used by Virtu-Al, but I have been unable to find the time. This is definitely high on the priority list, as the new format is supported by multiple browsers, and cuts down the number of lines of code significantly. I really wanted to include the new HTML in this release, but it would have delayed the release by weeks.

Here is a complete list of changes:

 – You have the option to specify a list of servers to audit, if you don’t, the script will use get-exchangeserver to find servers to audit.
 – Changed disk space to values to gigabyte.
 – Added white space to mailbox store report. ( This is done with dotnet, and has been optimised to be really quick)
 – Added MAPI connectivity test to mailbox server report.
 – Added OWA connectivity report for CAS servers.
 – Added ActiveSync connectivity report for CAS servers.
 – Cleaned up some variable names.

I will release a newer version soon, which will include a few additional checks, and will also use the latest HTML code.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

The script can be downloaded from here:

This script has been replaced by a later version, please check the following link, or download the updated version below: